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Bunji Travel

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Origin: Handmade by Ruche Fabrics, Tasmania

Size: 35cm x 25cm

Fabric: Viscose/elastane knit jersey



Delightfully soft, this Bunji Pillow is filled with the very tiniest of polystyrene beads and will be the most comfortable cushion/pillow/prop you have ever used.  

The Travel Bunji is the right size for traveling.  Available in a variety of fabrics, see other listings.

- Lightweight

- Sleeping pillow for planes, cars etc and use in place of uncomfortable hotel pillows.

- Use to support aching/sore areas of your body while sleeping or sitting - tuck it in here or there.

- Provides are very soft and comfortable cushioning for operations - mastectomies, shoulder replacements, broken arms, knee injuries or replacements, feet, hands, neck, head or any areas that need soft yet stable support.

- Take it camping.

- Balance a tray on it, read a book hold a smart phone or tablet.

  • Details + Care

    Completely machine washable.  Dry thoroughly by turning pillow and moving beads within cover regularly so all moisture can evaporate.

    It is important that you do not allow sharp objects or pets claws to have direct contact or you may put a hole in the pillow.  The pillows wont burst, they will only leak beads very slowly if they ever develop a hole, and can be hand stitched easily to repair any damage.

    All pillows come with a warning label (required by law) however it relates only to the beads inside if the pillow is ever cut open.  The beads pose no threat to any age group including little ones while they are safely sealed inside the cover.

    Your Bunji Pillow will last many many years as they are hand made using quality fabric and tripled stitched.  The life of the pillow will depend on your own care not to allow sharp objects near it.

    Pets love these pillows too and the Standard is large enough for domestic animals such as cats or small dogs.  We suggest you place the pillow inside a pillow slip or another stronger cover to prevent claws tearing a hole in the pillow.

  • Shipping Costs for Bunjis

    Our Bunji Pillows are filled with tiny beads therefore they dont compress to fit multiple pillows in small spaces like shipping/postage satchels.  This item cannot be sent via Express Post.  It will be posted normal standard postage - allow 5-7 days delivery time.