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Wrap-Around Bunji $70

Posted on December 07 2017

The Wrap-Around Bunji makes 3rd trimester pregnancy more comfortable for sleeping, makes breastfeeding SO much easier.  Bub will rest comfortably and stable so he or she wont roll anywhere while you sort yourself out (which takes a bit when you're new to it believe me!).  And the perfect pillow to prop bub for elevation post feed, or so they can look around at the big wide world safely while you have hands free for other tasks nearby, or for young ones to nurse new baby brother or sister.  And to finish it all off, bub can learn to sit with this pillow.  Toddlers will curl up and have an afternoon snooze, and so might mum or dad!

Approx 65cm diameter, super soft and the best investment in making life far more comfortable when bub arrives.

Or anyone can use these pillows for whatever purpose you can think of.  Prop up in bed and more.  Not suitable for sitting on as you will compress the beads and defeat the purpose of the filling.

The pillows are perfectly safe.  They do come with a warning label (required by law) which relates to the filling inside if anyone is actually exposed to the filling directly (tiny polystyrene beads).  However our pillows are made from quality fabric, tripled stitched and made to last for years without running the risk of anyone, particularly babies coming into direct contact with the beads.  Just gotta look after it is all (ie no sharp objects or pets claws!).  Pillows will not burst if they get a hole.  They will leak very slowly and you have time to fix the hole.