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Mini Bunji $18

Posted on December 07 2017

 How to have a great night's sleep when camping/hiking/bushwalking.  The mini is a little pillow just big enough to hold your head but small enough to not be a nuisance to pack for your trip.

Its so lightweight it wont make a scrap of difference when packing.  It can be hung off your pack, tucked in behind your neck and pack, or popped into your pack if you have room, or tucked into your bike or whatever mode of transport.

You will wish you had this years ago.  Never roll up clothing or use a blow up cushion for sleeping out bush.  Mini Bunji is the only way to go.  And if you injure yourself, its the perfect first aid stabiliser / comforter for supporting the injured area while things get sorted out.


Available instore in a variety of colours. 18cm x 25 cm